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Career Paths [Feb. 19th, 2009|04:19 am]
INFP Community v2: Lovers, Dreamers, and Me



I'm curious about what everyone in this community does in terms of occupation, what everyone here is pursuing to be or have thought of becoming.

I'm so curious.

I kind of recently just figured out that I was an INFP, and it's amazing how accurate the analyses were. And then, I found out that most of the occupations in the career list of an INFP were ones that I really wanted to pursue, but didn't. I'm in advertising now, but I wish I could have had this list to encourage me to keep pursuing psychology and writing.


[User Picture]From: reasonjo
2009-02-19 10:06 am (UTC)
I did a four year teaching degree straight out of high school and then decided I hated teaching and quit 6 months after I started my first job.

Then I bummed around for three years - I had 17 jobs in that time, anything from insurance sales to web design.

Then I went back to teaching and quite liked it as long as I wasn't stuck in a classroom all day. I ended up being a sports coordinator. I was teaching for nearly 9 years in total.

Now I'm in training as a police officer and want to get into traffic work and accident investigation after I've been a general duties cop for a few years.
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[User Picture]From: syntheticjesso
2009-02-19 04:12 pm (UTC)
What about teaching in a school did you hate? I'm looking at that as an option, but it makes me very very nervous.
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[User Picture]From: reasonjo
2009-02-19 09:46 pm (UTC)
The thing I hated the most was the rigidity of the routine and living my life by the school bell. I taught different things everyday, but the routine was the same every day.
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