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INFP Community v2

Dreamers, Healers, and Mystics

INFP Community v2: Lovers, Dreamers, and Me
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There's a community called _infp_, but back in early 2005 the maintainers seemed AWOL. After some discussion, ebongreen decided to create this community as a more actively maintained counterpart, so the INFP community at large here on LiveJournal could have Memories created and, if need be, active moderation and administration. This community is/was intended to replace _infp_ going forward, but as the Memories of this community will be drawn in part from the older one, joining both is encouraged.

_infp_ has since randomly acquired a set of moderators.

With credit to empaths for ideas and wording:


-No trolling. (If you see a troll, report them to a moderator. Do NOT feed trolls.)
-Please do not change the "screen comments" setting from the default.
-Please be polite, respectful of others' good intentions and opinions, and have fun. =)

Trolls will not be tolerated; everyone else has pretty wide latitude. If you would like to start a series like The Book of Questions, please ask first. =)

Questions, suggestions, and debate to improve this bio, this community and its rules are welcome, as are additional maintainers. Please email/chat with ebongreen in either case.

Current maintainers: ebongreen and meshou